This is unofficial documentation for the Draft Kings API. Draft Kings very much does NOT intend to have this API used by the public, but then again they don’t lock the API down either. If you’ve ever dealt with APIs that are only intended to be used by the company deploying them, you would know that this documentation is completely without warranty and could go out of date at any moment. Similarly, Draft Kings absolutely will not care at all if you build a big application based on their current API and then roll out a V2 the next day…

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of interviewing and hiring for software engineers. Like, a lot. It’s been an interesting experience. While a major time sink, you get to put your finger firmly on the pulse of the job market and the myriad different strategies people use to try to get their digital foot in the door.

One thing I have found is that there are many people looking to turn a new professional leaf and pivot their careers into web development or the meatier term: software engineering. To start off on this path many people understandably enroll in a…

There have been plenty of articles written on the ways to optimize your AWS Lambda functions to run quicker and to avoid the dreaded “cold boot” scenario. This is despite the fact that it was reported by Amazon tech advocates that an extreme minority of function invocations are actually cold booted (approximately 0.2%). That said, there are a number of scenarios I’ve encountered where you’re definitely going to hit a lot of cold boots and it’d really be better to avoid them:

  1. Small projects or prototyping with several functions in play, all of which you may call at different, spaced…

Sean Drummy

Hey, I’m Sean. I’m the Senior Director of Product at Vee24. UX Guru Wannabe, Python nerd, closet .NET Fan, Self Deprecation Aficionado

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